About CHPW

Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW) was formed in 1992 when Washington state’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) joined together to create CHPW and its parent company, Community Health Network of Washington (CHNW). For nearly 30 years, CHPW has been providing quality health care to Washington families and supporting community choices for health care.

Today, CHNW and CHPW are working together to offer Washingtonians a uniquely affordable health plan: Cascade Select. This plan leverages our statewide network of 21 CHCs and more than 190 clinics, 3,100 primary care providers and 15,000 specialists statewide. This network includes over 100 hospitals in order to provide Washington residents with the best community-based care possible.

CHNW’s Cascade Select plans are powered by CHPW. By partnering with CHPW, CHNW will be able to utilize CHPW’s Cascade Care Affiliate Network and full suite of plan services for its Cascade Select Gold, Silver and Bronze offerings.


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