2018 Legislative Summary

This year’s legislative session started on January 9 and a top priority was to pass the biennial capital budget. Lawmakers finished last session without passing this capital budget because they were unable to make progress on an unrelated water rights issue. The community health centers (CHCs) were relying on this to provide much needed capital funds to help meet the dental access crisis in our state. At the end of session, the state not only included $12.6 million to support 19 CHC dental projects in the 2017-19 capital budget, but also an additional $750,000 for one additional CHC dental project in the 2018 supplemental capital budget. These funds will go a long way to provide care to an additional 55,000 new patients each year! 

To find out more about our CHCs’ advocacy for dental capital funding, along with our other state legislative priorities, federal advocacy and our Save Health Care in WA activities, please see our 2018 Legislative Summary.

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