What if we had a day without a community health center?

What would that mean for your mother? Your child? Your neighbor? You?

Our state faces tremendous budget challenges that have put our community health centers at risk. In Seattle, Yakima, and Spokane, special events were held to demonstrate the impact to the community if community health centers disappeared.


Championing Health Care

Our vision at Community Health Network of Washington (CHNW) is to achieve revolutionary results in the advancement of universal health care access and the elimination of health disparities. To make this vision a reality, we not only provide access to managed care and primary care services in communities across the state, but we also use strategic public policy and advocacy in both Olympia and Washington D.C.

We know it takes action to ensure access to health care for every person in Washington. We organize at the grassroots level. We work with consumers, service providers, advocacy groups, regulators and legislators to make health care more widely available and to create programs and systems that address the growing need for affordable health care.

Tens of thousands of people have sent messages to their legislators, shared their stories with the media, made hundreds of phone calls to key policymakers and even testified in Olympia through our portals to action. By communicating about people who would lose their jobs, their stability and have nowhere to turn without vital health care services, we create change that matters.

Each year in Olympia and Washington, D.C. we mobilize a broad range of resources to move us closer to our vision. Learn more:

  • Save Health Care in Washington - Our grassroots organizing program, designed to give a voice in Olympia to those who care about expanding access to health care and health insurance
  • State Policy - Priorities, position papers and updates on our work in Olympia
  • Federal Policy - Priorities, position papers and updates on our work in Washington, D.C.
  • Publications - Research and reports on key issues and priorities for CHNW

Find your legislators

While advocacy can take many forms, contacting legislators is something that everyone can do. Legislators value the opinions of their constituents, and personal contacts make a difference. Click here to find your legislators.